UPdate on Miss Becky

Big news (at least to me) regarding my faithful steed, Miss Becky.  As you undoubtedly have no idea, MB is my 1978 C177 Cessna Cardinal.  A flying beast and hyper-reliable aerial photography platform.

Well, Miss Becky is no longer subject to the outside elements.  She is reposed in a HANGAR, owned by my good friend Gary Shipman, the owner of Trinity Aviation.  Once she found her way inside, I became embarrassed by the fairly solid coating of smushed bugs on the wings and spent close to two hours cleaning them off to make her presentable.  I’m here to tell ya, old dried bugs are tenacious.  Once the bugs were gone, a nice soothing coating of wax on all the leading edges makes future smushees much easier to get off.

In addition to this, MB just came through her first annual.  At $2300, it wasn’t cheap, but it could have been a lot worse.  My maintenance philosophy is to keep my airplane in GREAT shape.  Ken Smith, of Ken’s Mobile Mechanics, did a fine job of sussing out minor squawks and performing repairs.  Just little things like a balky prop control cable, which has been replaced and works smooth as silk.

The next step is to start treating small areas of filiform corrosion.  When the plane was painted in 2005, apparently the stripper and primer weren’t cleaned properly or something.  At any rate, there are numerous areas where little worms of corrosion are eating away under the paint.  Having MB in a hangar will help with that, but I really need to find them all, strip them down, clean, prime, repaint.  Lots of work.

Blue skies to one and all.

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