Obliques and Verticals

TOP FLIGHT Aerial Photography is a full service aerial photography company. We offer a wide array of products and capabilities, and cover a wide swath of territory. The intention is to be able to provide just about any photographic services you might need throughout the state of Texas.

Oblique Aerial Photography

Oblique aerial photographs are taken from a wide variety of altitudes, determined by the task. As the examples below show, we take photos from a few feet above the ground to many thousands of feet into the air.

The photos above and to the left were all taken from a fixed wing aircraft. Over a populated area, an airplane can fly no lower than 1000 feet above the ground. These photos show some of the views that can be captured. The image on the left is a ‘Tight’ or closeup of the subject. The center photo is referred to as a ‘Mid’ and gives a view of the surrounding access to a property. The ‘Wide’ or ‘Relational’ image on the right shows the other properties in the area as well as major roadways in the vicinity.

Sometimes, a particularly low perspective is required. In these situations, a helicopter allows us to get low to the ground and close to the subject to create the dramatic type of image to the left.

Vertical Aerial Imaging


Vertical photographs are taken with the camera pointing straight down, as opposed to oblique photographs which are taken at an angle. They range from a simple ‘spot image’ to aerial surveys of large areas. The choice of lens and altitude determine the resolution of the resulting photographs. TOP FLIGHT provides photographs with resolution ranging as low as one inch per pixel. A discussion, with examples, of resolution can be found here.

Vertical aerial photographs can be georeferenced for incorporation into GIS applications.

Visit our Mapping and GIS page for samples of the type of vertical work we routinely perform.