Pretty Austin Aerial

As someone that flies many hours a year taking pictures, it may seem surprising that I would make a special flight just for the pleasure of it.  But flying for business can be tough.  Hot, bouncy, crowded with other aircraft, busy, on a schedule, blah blah blah.

One of the privileges of my business is flying around during the golden hour.  The air tends to be smooth.  The heat of the day is breaking.  The light is what gets photographers excited.  Doesn’t take much.

The photo here was taken on just such a recent flight.

Everything in Texas is just beautifully green this spring.  All the recent rain has really paid dividends for our flora.  The lakes are full, the ponds are full, the creeks are flowing.  Compared to the all too frequent parched brown landscape, Texas is looking GOOD this year.

Austin at Sunset

Austin at Sunset

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